Ready… Set…


The Meeting

Jason the Builder, Sue, Garreth, and I (Heather) met last night to look at the plans for the house, take measurements, and lay down some frost blankets. (see picture above). It was great in many ways. It was helpful to actually walk around and visualize the new space and modifications. We were also able to think through and communicate some more details about Aidan’s needs. This fabulous plan is in motion. The frost blankets are keeping the ground warm enough so we can start digging once the permits are approved. Jason the Builder has also very generously contacted contractors he works with to ask for  donated materials. Several things have already been donated. He’s working on a complete  materials list so we can continue to solicit donations.

The Plan

The first part of this project will include building a bedroom, turning Aidan’s current bedroom into an accessible bathroom, and modifying Liam’s room. Aidan’s safety in the home is the primary reason for this project. Aidan has required a great deal of time, energy, money, and people power in his life. Here’s one wonderful piece of this project that I’m especially excited about; Liam will be able to get the new room. With some modifications to Liam’s current room, we can safely move Aidan there. Liam will have something special for himself. Sibling issues are always on my mind and I’m thrilled that this has been a priority as well. The addition and accessible bathroom are expected to be completed by our early March surgery date. The second part of the project will be to change the entrance to the house by starting from scratch with our mudroom and living room. This will take place in the spring/early summer to allow for both Aidan’s recovery  and better weather. Our main entrance to the house will be demolished during this time so we will be using side stairs to get Aidan in the house. This will be a temporary challenge.

What’s Next

I’ve been so encouraged to hear from people who are excited to help. It’s really incredible.  Right now we’re waiting for a materials list and targeted donations. I will keep you updated as to when you can show up with hammers or diggers or whatever. So yes, this is happening and much work is going on behind the scenes to get us started. Stay tuned for more details and THANK-YOU!


About Heather Bowie

I’m the mother of two wonderful boys and have been married almost 20 years to an amazing Irishman I met in a castle. Our oldest son Liam loves to read and run. Our younger son Aidan loves to drive his power chair and socialize. Aidan has a rare genetic disease (PURA Syndrome) and Epilepsy. This blog was birthed out of the desire to tell our story, and in doing so, appreciate the journey.
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