Project Update

Project Update by Talley:

Why is it that we make plans and then unforeseen changes come along that force us to review and rearrange?  So it is in life, and so it is with our beloved Bowie House renovation.

The day of the groundbreaking, Jason the Builder, along with Jared the Excavator Guy and a Friendly Smart Neighbor questioned the location of some pipes beneath the proposed addition space.  All of the proper paperwork had been filed, but no bureaucracy is perfect and there was cause for concern. No holes were dug and no sono tubs were placed in the ground.  While this seemed rather anti-climactic at the time given all of the amazing press coverage of the event (check out our In the News page), we are SO grateful that the project was spared from what would have been a very expensive disaster.

Jason, Sue, and the Bowies went back to the drawing board and a new plan has been made.  What once was two phases is now one.  What they came up with will be lovely, will give Aidan the freedom to enter his home and go ANYWHERE  in his chair, including his beautifully spacious accessible bathroom with the roll in shower, and will actually be cheaper in the long run but will require more funding and donations up front (check out our How to Help page).  I have enjoyed speaking to donors and volunteers. Most people have shared that they are giving to this project out of gratitude, because they have received from their community in some way and want to give back. If you are considering getting involved in the Bowie House project, we urge you to jump in now.

In the meantime, cash donations have been rolling in and the volunteer response to the press coverage has been swift and powerful.  Sue and I continue to reach out to lumber companies and other partners for additional donated materials. Mr. Pay It Forward continues to amaze everyone involved with how quickly he makes friends who have things to offer to the project and shows them what an opportunity it is to help the Bowie House renovation.

Perhaps this might have just been the plan all along…




About Heather Bowie

I’m the mother of two wonderful boys and have been married almost 20 years to an amazing Irishman I met in a castle. Our oldest son Liam loves to read and run. Our younger son Aidan loves to drive his power chair and socialize. Aidan has a rare genetic disease (PURA Syndrome) and Epilepsy. This blog was birthed out of the desire to tell our story, and in doing so, appreciate the journey.
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