Count Down

We have one more week until Open House and the details are getting done. While Garreth and Sue have been working on finish construction stuff, a door handle here and a piece of lattice there, Talley has been getting her Southern Hospitality on, and I have been getting crafty and homey to welcome you. My craft skills are nil but I did bust out some construction paper so you won’t want to miss my little project. It’s educational.


We’re looking forward to thanking our community on Sunday and we’d very much like to see you there. So who should come?

* Everyone who made a monetary donation

* Everyone who gave their professional skills and manual labor

* Everyone who cooked a meal

* Everyone who donated material

* Everyone who held down the fort so their family could help out

* Everyone who encouraged us

* Everyone who shared our story

* Anyone who has questions about what accessibility looks like

That’s YOU! Please join us next sunday from 10-2 for an Open House to see what building community looks like.1074181_194007110761770_1555694078_o 1077140_194007134095101_1939083556_o


About Heather Bowie

I’m the mother of two wonderful boys and have been married almost 20 years to an amazing Irishman I met in a castle. Our oldest son Liam loves to read and run. Our younger son Aidan loves to drive his power chair and socialize. Aidan has a rare genetic disease (PURA Syndrome) and Epilepsy. This blog was birthed out of the desire to tell our story, and in doing so, appreciate the journey.
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One Response to Count Down

  1. Bonnie & Lee says:

    We’ll be there — can’t wait!!!!

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