Everyone Has Something to Give – Even Kids!

It makes sense that a building project would take money, material, and professional labor. But kids? Can kids build a house? Build community?


IMG_5478 IMG_2826 374505_147040312125117_1874271867_n Bowiehouse Sheetrock 027 IMG_5239 photo IMG_5285


Yes. Absolutely.

I love it when kids help other kids. They’re learning to be thoughtful and kind, to put others first and to work hard. There were several kids involved in our building project. Liam learned some new skills. His cousins came up to work and play. Our friends brought their kids to help out with them. We had kids painting and cleaning and building and cooking and having fun. It’s a teachable moment that’s just too good to pass up.

Aidan’s friend Mackenzie came to work on the house. I asked her to answer a few questions about working on this project. Italics are my two cents.

How do you know Aidan? 

I know him through school and because we are family friends. I’m very excited that MacKenzie is part of Aidan’s lunch group at school this year.

What kind of jobs did you do at the Bowie House?

I helped tape the house wrap on by standing on a really high ladder. Me and Aunty Sue were putting up the paper on the house and since I was really high up I had to use a stick to tape the paper since it was so high. I also helped take debris to the dump. Sometimes I sat on boards so Aunty Sue could cut them.  MacKenzie and her brother also made short work of taking down our fence. It seems she loves smashing stuff as much as I do.

fence cleanup 010 fence cleanup 008

What do you understand about how the addition will help Aidan?

Now there aren’t so many bumps so he can move his chair around smoothly. The shower is bigger so he can move his chair around in it.

What would you tell other kids about working on a big project?

People were able to get a lot done in one day and it is a lot of work. It is a lot of fun if you know the people you are working with and you know it will make a big difference.


Mackenzie, and all of our wonderful kid helpers, has something to give. So do you.

Would you consider joining us in giving to the BARN project? Find out more here.


About Heather Bowie

I’m the mother of two wonderful boys and have been married almost 20 years to an amazing Irishman I met in a castle. Our oldest son Liam loves to read and run. Our younger son Aidan loves to drive his power chair and socialize. Aidan has a rare genetic disease (PURA Syndrome) and Epilepsy. This blog was birthed out of the desire to tell our story, and in doing so, appreciate the journey.
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