We, friends and loved ones of the Bowie family, have decided to meet a very concrete need. Aidan, their 11 year old son, has a significant developmental disability, epilepsy, and complex motor control issues.. The Bowie’s home is currently not accessible to Aidan when he is in his power wheelchair. He must leave the wheelchair at the door and be assisted throughout the house to execute daily activities of living like having dinner, hanging out with his family in the living room, and going to bed. Currently he cannot use the bathroom in his home for showering or toileting because the size and configuration present safety concerns. We are joining together to build a safe and accessible addition to their home.

But we are building more than just a house. We are building community. Before one nail has been hammered, friends, family, and strangers have already come together to make this possible. Many hands will gather to tear down, to build, to cook, to give. This will be the house that Love built.

Will you join us? To find out how to help, go here.

To read more about Aidan’s journey with Epilepsy and life with a disability, follow Heather’s blog Team Aidan.


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